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Morocco HD

One of the most popular Reversi games for the iPhone is now available as a native iPad app! Morocco HD has the same simple gameplay as the iPhone original but with the stunning graphics and experience you expect on an iPad.

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Morocco HD
  • Play against your iPad or against a friend.
  • Three difficulty levels allow for casual play while still providing a challenge to experienced players.
  • Option to show (or hide) the current legal moves which can be very useful while learning to play.
  • Simple but effective sound effects.
  • Seven beautiful backgrounds to choose from, including wood, marble, grass, concrete, and steel.
  • Five felt game board colors, from the classic green Othello® board to a stunning deep red.
  • Supports both portrait and landscape orientation with a different board layout in each.
  • Instructions to help new players learn the rules.
  • Automatically saves the game when you leave so you can pick it back up later.

Never played Reversi? Learn how! (Courtesy of the British Othello Federation)

For questions, feedback, or support issues, please refer to the Morocco Support page.

Morocco programmed by Thomas H Aylesworth
Art and layout by Nik Daum

Available on the iPhone App Store

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